April 14, 2019
Earth Holders Launch a
More Mindful Way Forward

This Changes Everything

For months, the Earth Holder Care Taking Council, together with a team of advisers, looked deeply into climate chaos which can lead to climate breakdown and the annihilation of our shared home. Now, we are responding to this reality with the “Mindful Way Forward Action Plan”–a clear-sighted path for each of us to combine our energy in order to bring mindfulness, compassion, healing and non-violence to the practice of protecting each other, all beings and the earth.

There’s a Place for You Here

The Mindful Way Forward Action Plan re-organizes the whole of the Earth Holder Community into a distributed leadership network so we can better learn and practice mindfulness-based climate justice work, together. The Plan offers many potent actions to take and fresh ways to connect, get involved, and learn. Ultimately, the Plan supports us in becoming happier and more effective as we care for the living planet at the local, regional and national level.

No matter whether we are dipping our feet into climate/racial justice recently or have been justice activists for years, many of us are learning more about applying Plum Village mindfulness and methods to protecting each other, all beings and the Earth.

Mindful Way Forward Action Plan

April 14th: You’re Invited to the Launch

Mark your calendar and plan to attend a very special 90-minute online Zoom meeting on April 14th. There, you’ll catch our enthusiasm for the Mindful Way Forward Plan, virtually tour a collection of new Earth Holder projects (perhaps rolling up your sleeves to get involved), meet folks in the expanded community network first-hand, and delight in a menu of options for nurturing Earth Holding work in your sangha and taking compassionate direct action where you live–all from within the supportive and linked environment of the Plum Village spiritual community.

Meet the New Earth Holder Coordinator

Simona Coayla-Duba (she/her/hers) is an Andean-European Indigenous-environmental rights activist. 
She considers the Rocky Mountains of Colorado…

What is an Earth Holder?

Anyone who is committed to practicing mindfulness, compassion, healing, and non-violence to protect each other, all beings, and the Earth is invited to be part of the Earth Holder Community. READ MORE>>>

Earth Holder Sangha Building

Filmmaker and OI member David Nelson recorded this panel on the nuts and bolts of creating communities of cooperation to heal ourselves and earth. 

Plant-Powered Inspirations

Please enjoy this offering from our newest Plant-Powered Earth Holder, Marion Achoulias from Canada. Included are five short videos that inspired her plant-powered journey . READ MORE>>>

Want to Stay Informed?

Earth Holder co-founder George Hoguet speaking at the inter-faith MORALtorium, Pennsylvania