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More Mindful Way Forward

This Changes Everything

The Earth Holder Care Taking Council, together with a diverse team of advisers, looked deeply into climate chaos which can lead to climate breakdown and the annihilation of our shared home. Now, the Plum Village Community is responding to this difficult reality with the “Mindful Way Forward Action Plan”–a clear-sighted path for each of us to combine our energy and wisdom in order to bring mindfulness, compassion, healing and non-violence to the practice of protecting ourselves, each other, all beings and the earth.

There’s a Place for Everyone

The Mindful Way Forward Action Plan re-organizes the whole of the Earth Holder Community into a distributed leadership network. It does so because Earth Holders are as diverse as any ecosystem and we aim to learn and grow from each person’s unique perspectives and precious gifts. On this website you’ll learn how with Basecamp–Earth Holders’ new communication hub–each of us can be a resource to others. The Mindful Way Forward Plan suggests beginning ways to connect, get involved, and learn. But because we cannot today see all the ways we must respond to the climate challenge going forth, the new Earth Holder network is set up to continually welcome fresh leadership and new ideas.

The distributed leadership network will support the global Plum Village Tradition of Engaged Buddhism in becoming happier and more skillful. As a community we will heal, grow, be, and do with joy. Happy Earth Holders heal the world.

Come as you are

No matter whether we are dipping our feet into climate/racial justice recently or have been justice activists for years, many of us are learning more about applying Plum Village mindfulness and methods to protecting ourselves, each other, all beings and the Earth.

Mindful Way Forward Action Plan

Catch the Enthusiasm

Meet members of the distributed leadership network and discover ways to share your wisdom in this “launch” video, recorded April 14, 2019

What Earth Holders are saying….

Here’s what participants in the Mindful Way Forward launch event said:

I see myself as another link in the chain, not with climate expertise, but with energy and enthusiasm.

I am learning to care for myself better so I can care for others.

I’m inspired by the inclusion of Racial Justice and the differential impact of human-caused climate change.

I plan to start a hiking sangha to help sangha members fall in love with the earth.

I am ready to reach out to local sangha members and email Earth Holder information to say, “We exist!”

It’s possible for me to get angry about what’s happening. But I now see power in linking my efforts with the global community.

I am part of an LGBT youth organization. I will talk with them about the environment and Earth Holders.

I’m grateful for Earth Holders’ connection to racial justice issues.

I am already very involved in helping people live sustainably in community. I like the idea of sharing my programs with the mahasangha through Earth Holder communication platforms.

Many are looking to undertake “grief work” related to climate change. This would be a great group to start together.

We are interested in veganism and appreciate the support of the Plant Powered Earth Holder Team!

I can now envision linking Earth Holder efforts across state lines, joining sanghas to help build regional strength.

People in my sangha are environmentally active but not as part of sangha practice. I will create Earth Holder awareness and provide practice and support materials from the website.

Meet the New Earth Holder Coordinator

Simona Coayla-Duba (she/her/hers) is an Andean-European Indigenous-environmental rights activist. 
She considers the Rocky Mountains of Colorado…

What is an Earth Holder?

Anyone who is committed to practicing mindfulness, compassion, healing, and non-violence to protect each other, all beings, and the Earth is invited to be part of the Earth Holder Community. READ MORE>>>

Earth Holder Sangha Building

Filmmaker and OI member David Nelson recorded this panel on the nuts and bolts of creating communities of cooperation to heal ourselves and earth. 

Climate Change Humor?

Climate change isn’t funny. Still, humorists can bring a perspective so off-beat it provokes fresh insights. Here, for example, is a commentary in The Onion penned by “The Animal Kingdom.”

The Animal Kingdom

Want to Stay Informed?

Earth Holder co-founder George Hoguet speaking at the inter-faith MORALtorium, Pennsylvania