Announcing Openings on the Earth Holder Community Care Taking Council for BIPOC

–Kindly Apply by July 24th–

Dear Thay, Dear Beloved Community,

The Earth Holder Community Care Taking Council (EHC CTC) is excited to announce that the CTC is growing! This is a mindful call for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Plum Village practitioners who are interested in serving to apply.

If you or someone you know feels called to join the EHC CTC, the following links describe the opportunity and application process in detail.

  1. A Letter to the Plum Village Community from EHC CTC calling for PV BIPOC who are passionate about Earth Justice to apply to be members of the EHC CTC (with a due date of July 24th, in 4 weeks)
  2. The EHC CTC membership description & application form (NOTE: page three of this document is the formal application to be returned to me at simona [dot] coayladuba [at] gmail [dot] com. )

The EHC CTC is grateful to be supported in this expansion by PV Dharmacharyas Larry Ward, Valerie Brown, Diane Little Eagle, and Ava Avalos. 

Please share this opportunity with your Sanghas and feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

In Gratitude,
Simona Coayla-Duba – Dancing Presence
Earth Holder Community Coordinator
Email: simona [dot] coayladuba [at] gmail [dot] com.

September 20, 2019

Earth Holder Call to Action

Around the world, young people are staging school strikes to demand governments do their job to protect the climate. Now, those students ask for grown-up participation in a Global Climate Strike on September 20th, followed by a week of climate action.

While some Earth Holders cannot afford to walk off our jobs for a day, we encourage Earth Holders who can to join the effort and mindfully speak and act in ways that build understanding and nourish our precious planet.

What can you and your Sangha do to support Climate Strike week? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Here is Earth Holder George Hoguet in transit to support Pittsburgh Students Climate Strike, March 2019
  • Walk in peaceful solidarity with students and others in your community who aspire for a future to be possible. You might wish to carry this 11 x 17 poster supporting children, or this 11 x 17 poster of Thay.
  • Insulate your home and swap out incandescent for LED light bulbs
  • Volunteer with a non-profit to build a bike trail
  • Plant trees
  • Organize a “flash sit” in a public park with signs inviting others to “Break your routine and give Earth a break” Here are some ideas for organizing a flash sit.
  • Host a plant-based Sangha pot luck
  • Write love letters to news editors and policy makers sharing what’s in your heart. Learn how to write “love letters” here.
  • Learn about your local climate reality: what’s at risk and what are local and state leaders doing about it?
  • Send your Global Climate Strike photos with captions to Heather [dot] Lyn [dot] Mann [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll post them on the Earth Holder website.
  • Post photos and stories on Earth Holder social media platforms (you’ll find social media links at the bottom of this page.

Remember, as adults in the September 20th Climate Strike and Week of Climate Action, our role is to support and amplify the voices of young people. Here is a great article from on how to do just that.

Click here to learn more.

Introducing a
More Mindful Way Forward

In April 2019, the Earth Holder Community Embraced a More Mindful Way Forward.

Click Here to learn all about the Community’s new strategic path!

Meet the New Earth Holder Coordinator

Simona Coayla-Duba (she/her/hers) is an Andean-European Indigenous-environmental rights activist. 
She considers the Rocky Mountains of Colorado…

What is an Earth Holder?

Anyone who is committed to practicing mindfulness, compassion, healing, and non-violence to protect each other, all beings, and the Earth is invited to be part of the Earth Holder Community. READ MORE>>>

Earth Holder Sangha Building

Filmmaker and OI member David Nelson recorded this panel on the nuts and bolts of creating communities of cooperation to heal ourselves and earth. 

Good News Re Your Hummus Habit

It turns out that humus is the ideal food for hunger and soil depreciation Get the full NPR story on Chickpeas here!

Enjoy this Beet and Garlic infused hummus recipe from the Plant-Powered Earth Holder Team!

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