August 29, 2017  |


​Attention Earth Holder Members and Ambassadors. Registration is now open for the September 7th Second Annual Earth Holder Gathering. Invite a friend or your whole sangha and be among the first to participate in this special ceremony for loving and healing ourselves and Mother Earth. It’s a new and moving ritual with roots deep in the Plum Village Tradition.  Earth Holder Members and Ambassadors should watch your email inboxes for advanced registration instructions. 

The sangha is offering this ceremony during these sad and uncertain times in order to:
·  Strengthen our stability and resolve
·  Gain skill in manifesting transformation
·  Be nourished by the Great Togetherness of community and the Cosmos

The practice gathering will include old and new elements of chanting, touching the earth, and sharing. We will renew our Earth Holder Vows, experience multi-media presentations, a Sanghakarman procedure, and more.   Participants will leave the online gathering feeling lighter, restored, and with a new Earth Holder Name!

This is also a good time to ask if you would you like to get more involved in the Earth Holder Sangha. Now you can!

·         Click here to learn about current Earth Holder volunteer opportunities.

·         Go to this link to make a gift of Dana.

Is it possible that you’re not a member of the Earth Holder community yet? No worries. You can join by clicking here.

 Looking forward  to seeing you at the September 7th Earth Holder Ceremony – 3:00 PM Pacific / 6:00 PM Eastern

On behalf of all beings, the Earth Holder Sangha thanks you!