Earth Holders in Boston, MA

What?   The Earth Holder Care Taking Council seeks to recruit, orient, network, and support a group of 20-25 experienced Plum Village practitioners from diverse backgrounds to serve as spiritual organizers or “Regional Community Builders.” The “Builders” will encourage and coordinate PV sanghas and members to engage in Earth Holding practices and mindfulness-based Earth and Racial Justice work in their local communities.

Earth Holders in Portland, OR

Why?   Earth is calling on us to help heal the deep wound of separation that has given rise to global warming, racial and social injustice, environmental degradation, and decline of reverence for life in all its forms. Our mindfulness practice and Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings have much to contribute to humankind’s efforts to face our collective situation; handle grief, numbness and fear; and attempt to curb the worst suffering.

Earth Holders Madison, WI

There are more than 500 local PV sanghas in the US and 1,271 across the globe. There are likely to be practitioners in each of those sanghas who would like to engage in mindfulness-based climate justice activity under the umbrella of their Plum Village community.  The Regional Community Builders will help facilitate their participation.

How? Through orientation and networking, Regional Community Coordinators will:

  • form their own sangha for practice, training, reflection, and support
  • offer Earth Justice information, sangha practices, and days of mindfulness
  • support sanghas or members to offer PV practices in the wider community earth and racial justice efforts
  • inspire and encourage each other by sharing the successes and learnings with other Regional Community Builders and the larger Earth Holder Community.
Earth Holders in Escondido, CA

Next Steps?  If this sounds interesting, we ask that you read this full description of the project here.  If you then want to apply, please submit the application by  October 1, 2019 to Simona Coayla-Duba at

In gratitude,

The Earth Holder Regional Community Builders Planning Team

Additional links for  “Builders” include:

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