Dear Earth Holders,

CALL TO ACTION*: Support the Indigenous Water Protectors to Stop Line 3 Pipeline.

1. Write to President Biden to ask him to issue an executive order to stop federal permitting of Line 3. (See info below.)

2.  Contribute funds to support the Indigenous Water Protectors. (See info below.)

3.  Travel to the frontlines in northern Minnesota, if you can, for direct action and possible nonviolent civil disobedience events in July. (See info below.)
*Call to action being initiated by the EHC Regional Community Builders Sangha.

Climate justice and racial justice are not separate. The Enbridge Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline will cause much suffering by accelerating the impacts of climate change and violating the tribal sovereignty of Indigenous people. By stopping Line 3 construction, we can prevent the potential pollution of over 200 bodies of water and potentially stop the environmental destruction caused by the Alberta Tar Sands oil operations in Canada. 

1. Write to President Biden
The best way to stop this pipeline is for President Biden to use executive action to revoke key federal permits for the pipeline and stop construction. We ask you to send a love letter to President Biden. We encourage you to personalize your message and share why you care about protecting our water and our climate and honoring tribal sovereignty. President Biden has pledged to make these issues a priority. Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light has provided an easy message format at:

For information about how to write a love letter, there is information on pages 37-38 of the Earth Holder Practice Book at:

2. Contribute funds
Donate to the Line 3 Legal Defense fund to support the hundreds of people who have gotten arrested while resisting Line 3. This fund helps cover the cost of bail and legal representation for Water Protectors. Please also consider donating to other frontlines groups at this link:

3. Travel to the frontlines
MN Interfaith Power and Light is hosting groups to come up north to the Water Protector Welcome Center in Palisade. We have been invited as people of faith and spirituality to visit the Welcome Center to learn about Line 3, pray by the river, and be in witness to the construction that is happening at sites nearby. Here is a document with more information about these MNIPL-led trips to the center. Please reach out to for more information about scheduling one of these day trips.

You can find current information about resistance camps that have shared their location publicly at, which includes a map of the camps and guidance on how to get in touch with them if you are planning to visit. 

You can also fill out the “Get Connected to the Line 3 Front Lines” form on that site and someone will reach out to you directly to help you get connected to a specific camp or frontlines effort. A note from the organizers of that form:  “Fill out this form if you’re interested in joining or supporting frontline direct actions or staying at frontlines resistance camps. There are roles for everyone, from risking arrest to offsite support. Space at camps isn’t guaranteed, but if you fill this out we will do our best to connect with you and get you involved in resistance to Line 3. We’re a coalition of grassroots groups and allies that work in close relationship with Indigenous leadership to help orient and mobilize people to frontline actions. All responses to this form are confidential, encrypted, and stored on a secure server.”

The Indigenous Water Protectors need our help to stop Line 3 now. The Water Protectors need people to support them on the front lines along the pipeline route. This past week, there has been an increased presence from law enforcement at the Water Protector Welcome Center. Law enforcement has been harassing Indigenous leaders while they exercise their treaty rights by occupying a prayer lodge by the river and increasing surveillance of Water Protectors staying on the private land of the camp itself. Leaders at the camp are asking Water Protectors to hold space at the center this week and ongoing. Enbridge is beginning to drilling underneath the Mississippi River near the camp.

If you are interested in participating with other Earth Holders along with other Buddhist groups and possibly other faiths in a MNIPL hosted action at the Water Protector Welcome Center in August,  please contact Keith Miller He is helping to coordinate this action with MNIPL and other Buddhist groups in the Twin Cities area.

With joy and gratitude,
Earth Holder Community Regional Community Builders

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