The Plant Powered Earth Holders have developed several Fact Sheets we hope are helpful as you walk the path of a more plant-based diet.

JumpStarter Recipe List.

Here are some of the recipes the PPEH team make, and eat, a lot! This will get you going for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Dairy, Egg, and Meat Substitutes

Here are some ideas to help your transition toward more plant-based options.

Cashews- the Key to Creaminess

Cashews are highly adaptable to many recipes and help on the transition to a plant-based diet.

Be a Human Bean- Including more beans in your diet

One of the many miracles of the cosmos is the humble bean. From the bean, you can derive important nutrients for
your health and feel satisfyingly full without overeating. Beans offer a great source of protein, fiber, complex
carbohydrates, calcium, and iron. They are a superfood and are among the most inexpensive and most nutritious foods

Plant-Powered Earth Holders:  Nourishing compassion for our bodies, the earth and all beings.C                                                              

Below is a sampling of “friend-tested” recipes from our Joy of Mindful Cooking website.


Cashew Cream           

Sour Cream


Vanilla Creme Sauce

Cashew Whipped Creme or Frosting


Fromage de Brie

Cashew Ricotta Cheeze

Raw Cashew Cheese

Nacho Cheese

Roasted Red Pepper Dip or Spread Cheese Sauce or Dip

This is just the beginning!  You will find more on our website,, and all over the Internet.