The Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism asks that we not turn away from planetary suffering. In fact, Earth Holders take as our career non-violent action to ease suffering–in ourselves, each other, all beings, and the Earth. Specifically, we cultivate skillful means through mindfulness practices in three strategic ways.

It is important to acknowledge the difficulties of the poor, racially marginalized, or differently abled in deciding how to be and what to do. Not all of us enjoy the same sense of safety or capacity to act. Each of us is called to do what we feel is wise under the conditions of our lives.

Constructive Programs: Developing Alternative Ways of Being and Doing

Obstructive Programs: Stopping Harm

Earth Holders apply the stability and compassion of our practice to defending the Laws of Nature which are sometimes in conflict with the Laws of Man. Some of us are adding our energy to the efforts of organizations like Extinction Rebellion in order to disrupt society’s fossil fuel dependent business-as-usual.

Transformational Programs: Facilitating a Collective Awakening