An Earth Holder Talk by Plum Village Dharma Teacher Larry Ward

Dharma Teacher Larry Ward

Dear Friends,
Deep appreciation to Larry Ward and to everyone who offered their presence at this past Sunday’s (5-12-19) Earth Holder Community Online Sangha. For anyone would like to revisit the dharma talk and for those who were unable to attend, the recording has been posted to the EHC Youtube page.

Please share the recordings with your Sanghas. A direct link to the video can be found at:

In the May online Sangha, we join Dharma Teacher Larry Ward for a guided meditation and Dharma Talk discussing thoughts of Extinction, Enhancement, and Enlightenment. He discusses the urgency for skillful responses to collective states of mind and learning. There has never been a greater need for awakening wisdom on the path of practice. A quote of Thay reminds us, “To transform our society we must understand it deeply”. How might we think of our opportunity for dwelling in the now with a living understanding and embodied the vision of release?”

Thank you for your commitment to your practice and to our precious Mother Earth.


May the merits of this practice benefit all beings.
In Gratitude,

Simona Coayla-Duba, EHC Communications Coordinator