We are very happy to invite you to a planetary Earth Holder’s Tea-Time on January 28, 2022! Whether you are living in Europe, Africa, the Americas, or Asia, you are all warmly invited to a global Earth Holder online be-in. 

The call will be at 4pm CET/ Paris time, 7am PT, 10 am ET,12 am in Buenos Aires and 10pm Indochina time.

Please take your tea and a slice of cake and join us for a joyful 2 hour online gathering with the community of Earth Holders, Abrazadores de la Tierra and Gardien-nes de la Terre: 3 languages, several continents, and much to share about who we are, what we do and live together, and how the practice of the Village infuses and inspires our various ways of committing ourselves to the Earth and all living beings.

With deep thanks to Abrazadores de la Tierra, we will have a special guest, Brother Michael who will offer a mediation and dharma sharing.

It will also be a moment to share with you about the Earth Retreat that we are all preparing together and to hear from you and your aspirations related to it.

Looking forward to see you soon for this moment of friendship and sharing!
The Earth Holder Community,
Abrazadores de la Tierra,
and Gardien-nes de la Terre 

To join the call on the 28th, please visit this link for the full announcement which includes the zoom link.