The mindfulness practices as taught by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh help us cultivate greater understanding, healing and transformation. They are a path of great love – one that does not demand anything in return, that expands us, that frees us from individual and collective fears, greed, and illusion. A kind of love that liberates us to engage in ways that can contribute to a better world for all.

For the first time, Plum Village is hosting a Global Earth Retreat that unfolds both on-site and online (both in Plum Village and in our center near Paris). We will learn mindfulness practices that help us cultivate happiness, love and freedom, and join in workshops and panels on the themes of spirituality & activism; social & racial justice; how to take care of our grief and “eco-anxiety”;  among others. Together we will cultivate peace and the insight of Inter-being which can surely be the ground for a better future for all on Earth.

This Global Earth Retreat is open for all ages. The retreat will be mainly in English, with French and Spanish translations. Online Dharma sharings will be available in a few different languages.

Please note: 

  • The in-person retreat will be from June 16 – 23, 2023 (including arrival/ departure days).
  • The online retreat will be from June 17 – 22,  2023.

Retreat Schedule

For the online retreat we have carefully curated four adjusted schedules to cater to different time zones for your convenience: We have different schedules for Europe/ Africa, the Americas East and Americas West, and Asia/ Pacific. (Please click on your region to see the schedules of your time zone). Multiple price tiers and scholarships are available and you can follow the online retreat full or part time. Below you will find for more information about joining the retreat online.

“Love is Freedom”- Global Earth Retreat Video with Mbali Marais

Online Retreat

The online part of the retreat is being co-organized by the Earth Holder Community and Plum Village with support from Abrazadores de la Tierra and Gardien.nes de la Terre. Sessions such as the Dharma talks, sitting meditations, and some panel sharings will be live-streamed from Plum Village. Other events such as workshops and panel sharings, affinity group meals, and deep relaxations will be facilitated by the Earth Holder Community. Because many monastics in Plum Village will be guiding the circle-sharing groups on-site, the online circle sharings will mostly be facilitated by experienced lay practitioners (OI members and Dharma teachers)

There will be a combination of live and recorded sessions. In some regions, there will be a live MC while watching the talks given in Plum Village that day together with other participants. We have carefully created four adjusted schedules so that it flows well with your time zone. Please click on your region to see the schedules of your time zone:  Europe/ Africa, the Americas East and Americas West, and Asia/ Pacific.

We would like to make this retreat as inclusive and available as possible so that many friends from around the world can join and connect with the powerful energy of the global Sangha. We, therefore, provide multiple price tiers to support students and those without a regular income. Scholarships are also available.

Online Retreat Workshops

We are honored to be joined by workshop facilitators Clear Grace Dayananda, J. Phoenix Smith, Maíra Fernandes de Melo, Giselle Sato, Dev Albao, and Chaya Ocampo Go.

To view the bios workshop pfacilitators and descriptions of workshops offered for the online retreat, please see the below file.

Online Retreat 5 Mindfulness Training Panel

The Online Retreat will have a very special panel on the 5 Mindfulness Trainings with panelists joining from Jamaica, France, Botswana, Peru, and Turtle Island (North America).

Local Sangha Finder

In a number of cities and centers around the world local groups will gather to follow the retreat together in-person. See how to join in your region and how to join the onsite retreat in the Healing Spring monastery near Paris. Go here to register for onsite and here to register for the online retreat. You can also view a list of local sanghas participating in the retreat that you can join.

Visit the Plum Village site for more information: 

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