Why Eat Plants Poster A poster to print and share

This poster is a useful tool to begin to understand all the great reasons for eating a more plant-based diet. You can print out to an 11 x 17 inch sized paper. Please correct by hand the web address at the bottom to our new web page www.earthholder.org/compassionate-eating. Please print and share widely.

Why Eat Plants Brochure

Here is a smaller version to share with others.

Plant-Based Mindfulness Training Table Cards (links below)

Here is the new Mindfulness Training by Br. Phap Ho in several languages




We are Earth, Walking on Earth A Graphic by Br. Phap Ho

Plant based books, websites, and videos

Your Plant-Powered Earth Holder Team is very passionate about our work. We are always learning and ‘are aware that the knowledge we presently possess is not changeless, absolute truth’, that ‘truth is found in life’ and we are ‘ready to learn throughout our lives’ (quotes are from the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings). To that end, we would like to offer some of our favorite resources that have changed our lives in case you would like to learn more, too

PPEH Recommended Resources

Here are the resources that changed the way we eat and nourish ourselves. Maybe you will enjoy some of these too. There are Favorite books, videos, cookbooks, website, etc…

Protein Content in Grains and Vegetables

We’ve all been asked it- But, where do you get your protein. Just take a deep, refreshing breath and share the following information.

Diet and Climate Change- Actions for individuals and sanghas

Here is a short list of actions you might like to begin with on your new path.

Meat of the Matter: New Report Outlines How to Engage with Local Governments on the Climate Emission Reductions Possible through Promotion of Plant-Based Diets

As engaged practitioners, our first level of engagement is with ourselves, our families, and our communities.

But, with our stable practice, open hearts, and skillful means, we can also engage with government in a manner that can help bring about change to protect the earth.  Having access to accurate information and clear policy guidance is a big help and our friends at Friends of the Earth and the Responsible Purchasing Network have released a very helpful report on why local governments should promote more local and plant-based eating and how they could act to do that.

The report MEAT OF THE MATTER: A Municipal Guide to Climate-Friendly Food Purchasing, by Friends of the Earth and the Responsible Purchasing Network was published in December, 2017.   It can be accessed here  Meat of the Matter.

The report outlines the issues in a concise way and offers a process that local governments can follow to address climate-friendly food in their climate planning.  It gives the context,

It is clear that the world cannot meet global greenhouse gas reduction targets without curbing consumption of animal products. High-meat eating nations like the United States, which consumes 2.6 times more meat than the global per capita average, must help shoulder this responsibility (emphasis added).