This Changes Everything

The Earth Holder Care Taking Council, together with a diverse team of advisers, looked deeply into climate chaos which can lead to climate breakdown and the annihilation of our shared home. Now, the Plum Village Community is responding to this difficult reality with the “Mindful Way Forward Action Plan”–a clear-sighted path for each of us to combine our energy and wisdom in order to bring mindfulness, compassion, healing and non-violence to the practice of protecting ourselves, each other, all beings and the earth.

Monastic Earth Holders, Br. Phap Man and Sr. The Nghiem

Now You are Part of a Larger, More Inclusive Network

Over the past many months, the Earth Holder Care Taking Council has developed a “Mindful Way Forward Action Plan” for growing and strengthening the community, learning together, and practicing mindful-based climate justice work. The plan includes many fresh ways for Earth Holders like you to connect, get involved, learn, and become happier and more effective in caring for our living planet at the local, regional and national level.

Now we’re a distributed network. What began in 2015 as the Earth Holder Sangha, an affinity group in the Plum Village Tradition, has grown up in 2019 to be the Earth Holder Community–not a centralized organization but a distributed leadership network of individual and sangha initiatives throughout North America and beyond.

On this website you’ll learn how with Basecamp–Earth Holders’ new communication hub–each of us can be a resource to others. The Mindful Way Forward Plan suggests beginning ways to connect, get involved, and learn. But because we cannot today see all the ways we must respond to the climate challenge going forth, the new Earth Holder network is set up to continually welcome fresh leadership and new ideas.

Come as you are

No matter whether we are dipping our feet into climate/racial justice recently or have been justice activists for years, many of us are learning more about applying Plum Village mindfulness and methods to protecting ourselves, each other, all beings and the Earth.

Mindful Way Forward Action Plan

We trust the community

Earth Holder Community, happy together, 2017

Participation is open. Earth Holders are now connected through a central digital hub so we can communicate, share resources, and learn from one another. Former “members” and “ambassadors” have merged into one group and today everyone who is aligned with Earth Holder core mission and values is part of the Earth Holder Community.

Collective Implementation. Together, we will put into effect the Mindful Way Forward Action Plan–an ambitious road map for protecting each other, all beings and the Earth through joyful, compassionate, non-violent and effective action. You’ll find the action plan is full of suggestions for how to be with and what to do about planetary challenges. This website is loaded with support materials, including: healing Earth practices and practical strategies for mindful engagement. Even so, we know we’re just scratching the surface so we are eager for you to share your ideas!

We Inter-are. Personal well-being is planetary well-being. Individual transformation is collective transformation. Happy advocates make a happy distributive network. The Earth Holder Community is here to support you; are you ready to support the Earth Holder Community? Click here to learn about, join or start an action team.

Earth Holder Retreat, 2017, at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Catch the Enthusiasm

Meet members of the distributed leadership network and discover ways to share your wisdom in this “launch” video, recorded April 14, 2019

Learn More about the Action Plan Here

Join or Start an Action Team Here

Happy Earth Holders walking mindfully at the People’s Climate March, 2014, New York City

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