Dear Earth Holders,

The COP26 UN Climate Conference will take place this year in Glasgow from November 1st-12th. During the conference, the Earth Holder Community, with Les de la Terre (the French speaking Earth Holder Plum Village Community), invite you to sit and practice with us in a daily meditation cycle to connect with the Living Earth in us and around us and thus support the COP 26 with our mindfulness practice and our energy. 

To register and receive a daily offering of Earth Holder practices by email, please fill out this brief form.

To see the full event invitation click here.

Daily Practice, Reverence for Life 

Every day, you will be sent a daily practice of a guided or silent meditation, to practice at home. On silent meditation days, it will be accompanied by a short inspirational text by Thich Nhat Hanh. 

The meditations chosen are to help us connect with the Earth, with the wonders of Nature in us and around us. The 14 Days of Practice will include:

  • Sitting/ Guided Meditations
  • Beginning Anew with Mother Earth Ceremony
  • Touching the Earth
  • Writing Love Letters
  • Teachings by Thay 

We will also offer live calls for Dharma, a Ceremony for Beginning Anew with Mother Earth broadcast from Plum Village, and more!