Our shared love for the Earth has the power to unite us
and remove all separation and discrimination.”
— Thích Nhất Hạnh

Dear Earth Holders, 

At the end of September, the Earth Holder Community will offer the 3rd round of the THIS IS IT Retreat series. The retreat is offered to those who would like to join in togetherness for 6-weeks as we explore the interconnection of environmental and social justice, in the practice of transforming suffering. 

What is Earth Justice and how can we realize this in the face of the climate emergency? Earth Holding practice recognizes that the inter-beingness of both environmental and social justice is a vital part of our engaged practice. Whether you are a long time practitioner, new to the Plum Village tradition, a seasoned activist, an educator, creative artist, etc…this retreat is for you!

We hope you will join us for this online retreat for embodying racial and ecological justice in the face of the climate emergency.

The Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism is a global community of mindfulness practitioners who follow the teachings of Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (a.k.a. “Thay,” meaning “teacher”). The Earth Holder Community is the branch of the Plum Village tree that applies Thay’s core teachings on engaged Buddhism, mindful living, racial and social justice, and inter-being with Mother Earth at this time of ecological crisis.

Registration is now open for THIS IS IT 3. This is a rerun of the successful retreat which has been offered twice before. For those of you who benefited by taking the course earlier, you might also enjoy a refresher. Otherwise, please feel free to share this email and encourage your network to register.

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Sept. 26th – Nov. 7th, 2021
Embodying Racial & Ecological Justice in the Face of the Climate Emergency

What are THIS IS IT Teachers Saying?

“What I love about this retreat is that the organizers invited people from different spheres of life to share their thoughts and practice around earth healing. It is a platform for building resilience and community, an opportunity to dig deeper and grow from our edges. “— Aurora Leon, Instructor

THIS IS IT is interactive and loaded with tools to try out. It sparks a stream of “R” words for me: rough, raw, raring, resounding, resonate, and ready!”— Renuka Bhakta, Instructor

“What makes this THIS IS IT so interesting and unique is the inclusion of many diverse voices in the team of teachers—Black, Indigenous, People of Color, White, practitioners from across the gender and age spectrums. Eco-dharma in many colors!”  -John Bell, Instructor

What are THIS IS IT Retreatants Saying?

“I felt part of a community that was live and alive. It was nice to have time and space to authentically share and be received by others.”

“I really appreciated the Saturday breakout groups and the sense of community this helped create. I also really enjoyed the teachers sharing their own experiences and recommending recipes and resources. It was all in all a great experience.”

“This practice helped open the door to my own grief about Mother Earth, making way for healing and connection.”

“THIS IS IT helped to deepen my understanding of the interbeing of racial and environmental justice. I feel in my heart the need for systemic change using wise actions.”

“I discovered the Earth Holder Community as a great resource for both spiritual nourishment and as a way to be more active in environmental issues.”

“I loved the Dharma sharing families according to our interests. It really created a solid foundation for discussion and vulnerability.”

Online Community & Connection

We recognize that the pandemic is challenging for many and we are ready to bring the retreat to you! During the THIS IS IT Retreat, participants may invite the strength of community, the peace of practice, and the inspiration of teachings into their home. The retreat is created in a way so that participants can engage with weekly content in a personalized manner for individual schedules, followed by coming together for 90-min live sessions at the end of each week. During the week, participants have the opportunity to connect in the online meditation hall for reflections on practice, content, and action. 

The retreat offers and intimate space to connect in. You will be placed in affinity groups that encourage deep listening, healing and learnings. If you would like to join a dharma sharing group, please register and remember to indicate your interests on the post-registration forms.

Scholarships are Available

The EHC is committed to equity and making THIS IS IT 3 accessible to all practitioners around the globe. We recognize that our current price tiers reflect a middle-class income set in US dollars, which may not be availed by the majority of peoples throughout the world. 

Our option for scholarships is dedicated especially to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, students and the youth (ages 18-35), those without regular income, and friends across the global South. No one will be turned away. Please email admin@earthholder.org and help us understand why you need to offer a different amount and we’ll reply with specific registration instructions. 

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We will happily receive any questions you may have. 
Please write to admin@earthholder.org