Join us for an 8-Week ONLINE Earth Holder Retreat in the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism

Honor this year’s 50th Anniversary of Earth Day wherever you are by joining new and old friends at the Earth Holder Community. Together we will explore the interconnection, the intersectionality, the interbeinginess of ecological-social-racial justice. We will nourish ourselves with Earth-based mindfulness practice, connect wit the beauty and safety of the present moment, and gain fresh insight on how to be and what to do at this time of profound climate disruption.

This retreat offers opportunities to:

  • Study with lay and monastic Plum Village teachers from diverse cultures and histories
  • Cultivate a softer opening and more love toward Earth through direct experience of interconnection
  • Transform more of our feelings of grief, despair, fear, and powerlessness
  • Further embody racial, social, economic and environmental well-being
  • Make friends and build a sense of togetherness as cells in the body of a growing community
  • Clarify personal aspirations, intentions, and actionable next steps

Participants in this retreat will set personal intentions; practice Earth-based mindfulness meditations; view recorded talks; participate in live, online Dharma Sharing; explore optional suggested resources; and chat online with teachers and fellow participants.

To learn more and register, visit